Take a look at these superb photos of our Fun Casino Venue in Leicester City Centre, our historic venue sets the scene for a fantastic corporate or special occasion.  We offer everything necessary to enhance your reputation through a stunning event that ensures your guest have a night to remember. Enquire

Casino Venue Hire Leicester

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Welcome to the world of fun casino.

This is an amazing way to add a brilliant atmosphere to your party or event. Whether it is a corporate function, a wedding reception or a birthday party we can add something very special to the night.

We take care of everything. Just book us in and we will set up in your home, venue or a marquee in the middle of nowhere. We will then leave before your guests arrive and be back for the fun gaming later in the evening.

What is a Fun Casino?

A fun casino is all the fun of Las Vegas without the risk, It’s a great way to entertain your guests and experience the fun atmosphere of being in a casino but with no money exchanged.

Fun money is provided for all of your guests to exchange for chips on arrival at one of our tables. If a player at anytime wishes to change the game they are playing or go and enjoy any other entertainment at your event they can 'Cash in' and a voucher is provided showing the value of chips.

At the end of the night the person with the highest total will win a prize (provided by us), alternative prizes or awards for the night can be provided by you and displayed by the tables. This can get competitive and is a great deal of fun for all.

All of our croupiers are highly qualified and all have worked or still work in'Real' Casinos.

There is no need for a gambling licence as a 'Fun Casino' is not actual gambling and therefore a licence is not required.